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  1. Hey Dad,

    Missing you a lot. Your Google “contact” keeps popping up whenever my mouse passes over that part of the screen. It says “TR Dickson – Living Life”.

    It’s been almost a year since you left and it still doesn’t seem real. I let some of your ashes blow away in the wind off the back of a fishing boat a couple of weeks ago. It was right out side the Golden Gate in front of the light house at the tip of Marin Headlands. It was Foggy so you wouldn’t get sun burned. I caught some fish but they were very unimpressive. Better than coming home completely empty handed though.

    Brian drowned a few weeks ago. His atoms are scattered about the universe with you somewhere. We will place some of his ashes in Aptos behind the old Resurrection Church so he can be with Grandma and Grandpa Noxheim and Nancy. Stratt wanted that. We will do that on the 25th. I hope you don’t mind sharing that day with Brian. I would think you would.

    Jacki misses you too. We are doing another remodel project on the house and I wish it would end soon. She isn’t traveling as much as she used to but I took her on an Alaska/ Denali Cruise. It was a lot of fun. The mountain showed its self in full glory on the train ride back to Anchorage.

    Well, That’s what’s going on around here. Life goes on.
    I will always love you and be grateful for getting to know you.

    Your favorite son,

  2. Dear Dad,

    Welcome to your memorial service! We picked a beautiful Sunday for you.

    Everyone who loved you, no I should not say “love” in the past tense. That is an incorrect tense; I should use the present tense. Let me start over. Everyone who loves your wonderful sense of humor, boundless energy, and exceptionally high intelligence gathered here today to properly say goodbye to you. We all love and miss you very much. You must be happy to see us all here together. I can already see your big smile that I love so much. Dad, you were just like my actual dad whose cancer took him away from me when I was 13 but was able to give me enough love to last my lifetime. 42 years later a different type of cancer took you away from me.

    You truly made me feel loved and appreciated; I’ll always miss you, Dad.

    Not long after I started dating Rob, the true love of my life, you invited us to Boston and Cape Cod when I told Rob how much I miss Korea’s beautiful autumn with clear sky and fall foliage. Although I had been to Boston numerous times for work before that, I’ll never forget that trip in mid-October with the perfect fall weather you had arranged for our visit. We walked all around Boston and beautiful Cape Cod. Thank you, Dad.

    Also, do you know one of the happiest moments I had before I married Rob? That was when you introduced me as your daughter to Jacob before my marriage to your son. That’s when I adopted you as my Dad. No, Rob and I are not like Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Hopefully we are less devilish than they are though some might disagree.

    Before Rob and I married, you also gave us a wonderful present, a beautiful place near Waimea Canyon on Kauai for one week. We had so much fun during that pre-wedding trip. Thank you again!!

    When Rob and I decided to marry, I could not think of a better person to ask to officiate at our wedding. You did a fantastic job without any prior experience. All the guests enjoyed your sense of humor and told me how lucky I am to have you as my father-in-law, I mean Dad. Thank you for accepting my request to be the third most important person at our wedding.

    Also, thank you for briefly moving back to Santa Cruz! Whenever I had assignments near Santa Cruz, I called you and you made yourself available for wonderful walks, delicious vegetarian meals, delectable ice cream from Mission Hill Creamery and interesting movies such as Silver Linings Playbook, No, and Hyde Park on Hudson. Please know you were always such a good listener. I miss our endless conversations. You never seemed to be bored with my stories that bore Rob sometimes.

    I will treasure all the beautiful memories you created for me, especially the time when you let Rob and I interview you during that cold December of 2016. I enjoyed every minute of it, though I listened to some of the stories before. I had so many more questions that I wanted to ask but the level of your energy was already waning and we had to take frequent breaks. Thank you for mustering up all your energy for your inquisitive daughter. Rob was annoyed at me and rebuked me for my endless questions. You were so patient with me. Thank you.

    You welcomed me a part of your family long before I said “I DO”. Thank you. I love my family I gained through Rob. Maggie Mom, Elizabeth, Julie, Todd and Kim, Taylor and Tabatha, my favorite nieces Ashley and Hannah and my favorite nephew Wyatt. Ashley is already a sophomore in college and Hannah is heading for college this fall and Wyatt is so tall and handsome. They are beautiful youngsters both inside and out. I love them dearly and am so proud of them. Wyatt is at least a foot taller than me. He’s like bamboo that can grow one inch every 40 minutes. I am not kidding.

    Dad, there is one thing that I do NOT miss very much. You know what that is? Vegetarian hamburger patties you left in our refrigerator after you visited us. Those patties are inedible. How did you consume them? To me a vegetarian hamburger is an oxymoron like clearly confused or found missing or seriously funny. Dad, next time be sure to finish your vegetarian hamburger patties, okay?

    Dad, I think I’d better stop now and let other people talk about the nice and funny things about you. The guests at your memorial service have been very patient with me just like you have always been.

    Dad, be happy and healthy wherever you are. Rob and I will do the same.

    Take care,

    Your daughter Jacki

  3. Looking back over the years of knowing TR one of the things I can attest to is consistency. He rarely (if ever) changed his demeanor even when his kids and I did ALL those things that as a parent today would drive me totally nuts. He was a rock, funny in a Monty Python, Benny Hill way (and I thank him over and over for turning me onto those crazy Brits.) I know that somewhere, somehow the “I’m not dead yet” skit has relevance. He will stay alive in our hearts…
    Thank you you for being you and for all the memories and life lessons TR, there are not many like you in the world and the world will be a lessor place now that you are off tour. Another tour would be appreciated by all! Via con Dios!

  4. Hey Uncle TR. When we used to go visit you guys in Aptos it was always exciting for me. You guys seemed like hippies or something and at my young age it seemed like you lived in some sort of forest up there. I had loads of fun playing with the kids & visiting. Although we didn’t see each other very much I remember you as a gentle, calm, & kind person that smiled a lot. Hope your atoms find a nice place to re-coagulate in the future. Old chemists never die, they just stop reacting.

  5. TR; the man with the infectious smile & twinkling eyes. You were a blessed man to have such beautiful women come into your life. Some people touch us deeply without even knowing. A gift of the journey!
    Shine On!

  6. Hey buddy, thank you for the many puns, quips, political conversations, and most of all for the love.
    You were an amazing husband to my wonderful sister, and I can’t think of anyone who would have treated her with more tenderness and concern as she faced her last test in life. Then, you continued to be beloved by her children and grandchildren, and kept them in your life.
    You were terrific with our parents.
    You were there to help me and my daughter when we needed you.
    You babysat my grandchildren.
    You will always be family.
    I pray that you were wrong about the afterlife, and that we’ll meet again.
    Peace and love

  7. When my mother met TR they embarked on what I believe were some of the best years of her life. They spent many years together traveling. TR embraced us as part of his family from the beginning. He was at our weddings as well as made an appearance when each of our children, their grandchildren were born. We traveled together visiting family in California and New York. Our kids have fond memories of spending time at Grandma Bets and TR’s house. Many memories were made – Christmas eves following Santa’s journey on the computer, picking and eating vegetables from the garden, watching movies, playing with pots and pans eating apples and popcorn. When my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer I couldn’t imagine that journey with anyone else but TR. We made the most of our trips to treatments directed by Bets. We transformed their gardens during that time giving Bets a peaceful place to go and swing. TR’s continued sense of humor up until the end was infectious. A couple of weeks ago when Tyler and Lexi went to say their good byes again we found ourselves laughing not crying. Reassuring them that he had no regrets and how proud he and grandma Bets were of them. I spent time with him just days before and we talked about how there were no regrets and how fortunate he felt. I thanked him for the love he shared with my mom as well as myself and my children. There were some jokes made if he might find out there is an after life even if he thought there wouldn’t be.
    He will be greatly missed.💕

    1. Anyone who knew TR knew he believed in absolutely afterlife. I hope you were wrong there buddy. You can be with so many who loved you. I saw the sweetness and tenderness with which you treated Betsy before she died. You were wonderful, and I will always think of you as family as well. Your sense of humor, very intelligent and sly at times will also be missed. May those molecules of yours live on in a conscious manner even if you did not believe it possible. Love you.

      1. Anyone who knew TR knew he believed in absolutely no afterlife. I hope you were wrong there buddy. You can be with so many who loved you. I saw the sweetness and tenderness with which you treated Betsy before she died. You were wonderful, and I will always think of you as family as well. Your sense of humor, very intelligent and sly at times will also be missed. May those molecules of yours live on in a conscious manner even if you did not believe it possible. Love you.

  8. Dad,
    It’s an understatement to say that it has been an honor sharing part of your cosmic journey. You taught me what unconditional love really is. I hope I can live up to it.
    Travel well! I miss you already.


  9. I have been your closet confidant during your life so I am qualified to comment. I know that you tried to live the good life (see Plato) and be kind and considerate to everyone you knew. You did a pretty good job so I give you a B+. You always wanted to be a teacher and you got to do that for nearly all of your career. You did an excellent job and I give you an A. (A+ grade does not make sense.) You wanted to be a quasi scholar and you got to show that in your writing endeavors. For that I give you a B. You were a relatively good father and tried hard but sometimes did not know the right thing to do. Nice try. You get B. As a life partner you were always a romantic if not a very good communicator. Your capacity to love was remarkable and was refined after some practice. You certainly leave the message that the most important thing in life is True Love and Love for yourself (don’t forget homegrown tomatoes.) Have a good journey and I’ll see some of your atoms around sometime.

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